Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.
The most certain way to succeed is always to
try just one more time.

T.A. Edison

I am a technology enthusiast, trying everyday to improve my skills in marketing & sales strategy, economics, digital communication and advertising.

I have been developing my competencies in both small & medium enterprises and international companies; ranging from digital, transport & logistics and industrial markets. I'm recognized skills such as reliability, accuracy and innovative thinking, especially regarding the adoption of new technologies in business processes. Experiences have allowed me to compare myself in competitive environments, with different ways of dealing with problems, thus allowing me to grow professionally. I was always depicted by employers as focused and with positive work attitude.

My interests range from web development to photography, but my passion is to dedicate my free time to develop creativity and innovation through digital creations. Thanks to Lola, standing by me everyday <3

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Consulting & Research

Knowing where you are now through economic and analytic data is the first step to understand where to go next.

Marketing Strategy

Where, when and how you have to design your path in order to build a brand that gives you a competitive advantage.

Online Advertising

Delivering your brand and contents to the right audience from search engine marketing to social networks campaigns.

Web Marketing Tools

Displaying your content through web sites, social network pages, photos and videos studied to be online.

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You can find me in
Milan, Italy